A Human Perspective

by uwchevron

Author: Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

For somebody who has literary pursuits,  there seems to be little to no creative writing initiatives outside of the scholastic sphere of Waterloo’s English programs. Historically speaking, major university institutions have a tradition of publishing journals, anthologies and generally promoting creative student ambitions. I can’t think of a better time to promote creativity in people than in a university atmosphere. Sure, UW’s English Society hosts poetry slams, but what about outlets for those who suffer from stage fright or rather prefer to write prose? There’s the recent literary magazine CODEX and a few club exclusive short-story contests (WatSFiC has its very own). Browsing EnglSoc’s WordPress, it seems as though their own creative writing gatherings are now defunct or rather in “remission”, so what can a student do if their institution’s very own English Society isn’t exactly promoting creative writing outside of its own faculty? There’s always the option of starting your own club, publishing your own work, or sending your work elsewhere. The creative aspect of any institution is as important as its technical half. Writers have contributed in countless ways to the benefit of society, laying the foundations to various intellectual movements and enlightenments. A writer can be a scientist or a writer can be an engineer, but most importantly a writer is a human voice; a voice too often silenced by machinations and statistics. Where is the human voice in Waterloo and when will it call out?