The Feds GM: A Good Beginning

by uwchevron

Author: The Editorial Collective

On Monday, October 28th, the Federation of Students had the second-largest general meeting in its history with over 580 students participating either in person or by proxy. This represents close to 2% (around 1.7% to be more exact) of the undergraduate student body. While this number might seem small, it is in fact a very respectable turnout for a student union general membership meeting. Comparatively, turn out for Feds executive elections last year were around 8% of members while student councillors are often elected with votes numbering in the mere dozens.

The Feds GM turn out, then, is an amazing occurrence and one that should be celebrated. In the opinion of the Chevron editors, those who are criticizing the results of the meeting should care more about the fact that an almost unprecedented number of students participated and less about what those motivated students chose to vote for. Where are the complaints now about student apathy and ignorance? When well-informed, well-prepared, and motivated members came to the meeting to assert themselves, suddenly the tune changes.

Thank you to everyone who came out. You did a service for yourself and for us all. But don’t stop here — come back next year. Keep coming to the Feds meetings. Come to society meetings. Don’t sit idle and disorganized and let a handful of people do what they want. Politics, even student politics, are too important to be left to the politicians.

This article appeared in Volume 1, Issue 3 of The Chevron on 5 November 2013.