A Campus Surveilled Redux

by uwchevron

Author: The Editorial Collective

Thomas Little’s article in this issue reminds us that while it seems to be a new thing for students to be directly and openly recruited into CSIS’s surveillance apparatus (Canadia’s spy agency), it’s not at all a new thing for students to be surveilled on campus. An article in Volume 1, Issue 4 of the previous version of the Chevron, entitled “A Campus Surveilled” and written under the appropriate pseudonym “Winston Smith”, asked the question: who is watching us? Back then in 2010, they estimated between 150 and 200 security cameras in public areas on campus. Today there are probably more.

At the end of several of our articles in this issue, we invite readers to email us with comments or suggestions. Do not take this as boilerplate or a token invitation – we read every email sent to us. One of the biggest problems with some current campus journalism is that it does not actually reflect what students are thinking about, nor does it talk about interesting things people don’t already know about – as our predecessor did. Does the topic of surveillance interest you? Other ideas we considered were additional articles on tuition or a discussion on student space for studying and socializing. If you see anything you think deserves being investigated and published here, or if you have any commentary on campus media, send us an email and we’ll respond. We want to hear from you.

This article appeared in Volume 1, Issue 2 of The Chevron on 4 October 2013.