Manifesto II

by uwchevron

Author: The Editorial Collective

Three years ago, another manifesto was published by another Chevron. It argued that the Imprint “… varies between ignorant of and apathetic to the machinations of the student governments that stake a claim to a part of our tuition [and] also fails to address and provide relevant commentary on major issues facing the student body …. It is for these reasons we feel a new paper is necessary.” Three years on and these issues persist, as bad as they ever did. There is media on this campus, but there is little journalism. There is an Imprint, but there has been no Chevron on a campus once recognized nationally as a leading light of student journalism. As long as this situation persists, there will be a need for a Chevron, and as long as there is a need for a Chevron, one will appear. Today, there is a new Chevron, hopefully bigger, better, and more hard-hitting than the old one. We are not intending to always say things people will like or agree with. We are intending to give a voice to people who right now have none, to discuss student issues that go unmentioned.

This first issue of the new Chevron has a sampling of these discussions and we hope you find them interesting and enlightening. If you care about something and think other students should too, the Chevron is a way you can tell many of them about it at once. Consider writing with us; we would be glad to have you. Email us at

This article appeared in Volume 1, Issue 1 of The Chevron on 5 September 2013.